Private Lable

We are able to supply a wide range of feminine & baby care products in the dimensions of your choice. And we can guarantee that the end product will meet your needs and quality requirements.

  • Complete service & product as per the requirement of the customer
  • We assure best quality & competitive
  • Comprehensive categories
  • Packaging service
  • Excellent Marketing Support
  • Loan facility
Service & Packaging
  • We are very flexible in assisting our customers in the aspect of packaging design. To make our customers’ packaging outstanding and superior to the other companies we provide best support.
  • We allow our customers to have their own designs made by their own designers. We provide free designing services to our customers according to their desired styles and tastes.
  • It is the consumer who ultimately decides about product. We to follow them with inherent flexibility. This is applicable to the ideas and needs of the consumers for a perfect hygienic product and to the demand variations of all the price shelves.
  • We can design from scratch and deliver any hygienic product fulfilling even the most sophisticated needs of the consumers. This is the serious promise.
  • We use rotogravure-printing technique- to render best quality and high resolution printing to the out fit of the product. We work on entire packing solution.
  • We are in the process of constant development. As a private label manufacturer we wish to base our success on growth of our partners.
  • We are having competent teams of qualified professionals managing our vast operation networks. These include experts in management, marketing, research and development (R&D), technical, quality assurance and a production personnel’s to produce best result.

We Encourage Our quality - Your brand

Product development: Besides our own current products, we also develop and make other products that are more improved according to our clients’ specifications and market information, and hence achieve marketing strategies of making their products localized.


Best Care for YOUR BABY

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Private Label
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ECO Range

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Private Label

RFI- is one of the leading
Private Label manufacturer
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